Chevrolet Gen2 LT1 Compact Serpentine Accessory Drive System



This accessory drive system is specifically built for Chevrolet LT1/LT4 engines.  The system is designed around newer accessories than when the LT1 engines were in production.  The system mounts on the passenger side and is low and compact for optimized mass location.  This system is much more attractive and compact that any of the original GM LT1 accessory brackets.  This is also the most compact of any aftermarket LT1 accessory drive on the market.  

This kit uses readily-available GM standard rotation TC power steering pumps.  The LT1 originally used a special reverse-rotation pump that is no longer available, and good GM cores are difficult to find.

Designed to use a standard-rotation GM TypeII TC-Series power steering pump with a .664 diameter shaft.  Remote reservoir recommended.  Recommended pump is Turn-One HP1 001-201270-0.

Designed to work with 93-97 F-Body crank damper or equivalent.

Designed to use GM 19244782 alternator or equivalent with Holley 197-400 connector pigtail.

Works very well for LT1 swaps into custom builds and early muscle cars.

Works best with LT1 24X and carburetor conversions.  It does clear the factory optispark, but passenger side plug wires are very tight.


Kit Includes:

CNC aluminum black anodized mounting brackets

CNC aluminum black anodized power steering pulley

OEM idler pulleys

6-rib serpentine belt

Grade 8 hardware


Made in USA

Additional information

Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 11 × 6 in


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